The Note Sent to KONDA Subscribers

The note sent to KONDA Subscribers regarding to the May 14th general elections.

Note on the Election on June 23

This note is being sent to subscribers of the KONDA Barometer Political and Social Surveys. In alignment with terms in agreements with our subscribers which authorize us to do so, it will also be published on the website.

Announcement to the Public Regarding the March 31st Local Elections

As is known, on the last Thursdays before elections our company shares with the public its most recent election poll results and predictions and as a principle does not share any election-related finding or publicly discuss poll results at other times....

KONDA INTERACTIVE looks at the YOUTH this time.

With the new module of KONDA INTERACTIVE, you can examine how various characteristics of the youth between the ages of 15-29 changed in the past 10 years.

New Interactive Feature from KONDA

As KONDA Research Company, we analyse data from the results of KONDA Data Warehouse, which consists of data from more than 100 surveys research we have carried out in the past 10 years and we continue to share our analyses with the public in the KONDA INTERACTIVE.

The Note Sent to KONDA Subscribers

The note sent to KONDA Subscribers regarding to the general elections.

Our note on the referendum

This note has been sent to the subscribers of KONDA Barometer Political and Social Survey Series.

Democracy Watch Research - The Profile of the Squares

This research aims to determine the profile of Democracy Watch participants.

The note sent to KONDA subscribers about June 7th Elections

Information note sent by KONDA to its subscribers on June 4, 2015

March 27th 2014 Local Elections Poll Results

We conducted a survey on March 23rd for the March 27th, 2014 Local Elections. The results of the survey and our commentary:

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