About Us

KONDA, as a research and consultancy company, is fundamentally engaged with knowledge production with a specific purpose of providing insight for the specific needs of policy-makers, business leaders and academics. As the company collects data, it also processes it to suggest novel ways of challenging established orthodoxies and existing prejudices in the analyses of politics, society and the individuals in contemporary Turkey.

Tarhan Erdem founded KONDA in 1986, and since then the company has worked on comprehending and commentating on the society in Turkey through its surveys and other qualitative and quantitative research methods.

KONDA observes the changing dynamics of the society and provides analysis on social transformation. Beyond exploring the current social, economic and political situation in the country, the company makes forecasts on social waves and their future impact. Analyses by KONDA contributes to the shaping of the strategies of both private and public institutions of every scale.

KONDA reports that are based on surveys and other methods of field organization aim at societal representation and offer guidance in deciphering often unforeseen social movements and momentum.

KONDA has conducted face-to-face surveys with almost 1 million people in the last 30 years. Therefore it would not be an understatement to suggest that the company has acquired the most extensive knowledge and experience on the social, economic and political behavioral codes of the contemporary society in Turkey.

KONDA’s perspective on society is not limited to confines of politics. The company has sought and established significant collaborations with various national and international institutions operating in the fields of sociology and psychology.

In the future KONDA will continue to serve as a source of primary information and knowledge for all persons and institutions with an endeavour to grasp more on Turkey, its people and its recent history.