Beneficiaries of the PROCESS OF CHANGE are not those who turn conflicts into fights they can win but those who can MANAGE change for the common good.

The only kind of capital needed to manage social change is information. But remember, information is only as reliable as its source.


Why Information?

Information should not be a clutter of data collected in various ways. In fact, information is the configuration of truth. Information needs to be reliable, truthful, meaningful and apprehensible.

With its services, KONDA creates not merely data but information and insight that can transform your paradigms.

Latest Research

October'19 Barometer

The survey conducted on 5 – 6 October 2019 in 154 neighborhoods and villages of 111 districts of 29 provinces, with 2699 people interviewed at their households.

Since 2010 KONDA has been conducting monthly surveys as part of its Barometer political and social survey series. Each Barometer survey comprises of a standard set of questions as well as a set of questions specific to that month’s original theme, asked in order to understand the perceptions and expectations of society.

The theme of the Konda October’19 Barometer survey is ‘Popular Culture’.



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