We share the data collected through our research with the wider public so that others can also join us in the processes of knowledge production.  In accordance with agreements with our subscribers, data from the KONDA Barometer survey series are published on our website with a two year lag. Data of other published surveys are also available here on our website. On the right, you can find a list of selected academic literature that were published by either requesting data from us or directly utilizing from our publicly available data.

If you are unable to find your area of interest among the reports and data on our website, please send us an email at [email protected]  with a note on your area of research and the type of data you need.

If you wish to cite any KONDA report, we kindly ask you to follow the templates below. From September 2017 onwards, you will find a small note on how to cite a particular report in its inner cover or the second page.

APA: KONDA (Year) Report Name: Report Series (and/or Issue Number)

For example;

KONDA (2014). April’14 Barometer: Political and Social Research Series (42)

KONDA (2015). 7 June: Election and Electorate Analysis 

Chicago: KONDA. Report Name: Report Series (Year)

For example;

KONDA. April’14 Barometer: Political and Social Research Series (2014)

KONDA. 7 June: Election and Electorate Analysis (2015)

MLA: KONDA. Report Name. (Year). Report Series: and/or Issue Number

For example;

KONDA. April’14 Barometer (2014) Political and Social Research Series: 42

KONDA. 7 June: Election and Electorate Analysis (2015)


List of Selected Publications

Elections Data

In this section, we aim to make available, in the most detailed and practical formats possible, the official election results of all general and local elections and referendums, which have taken place in Turkey since 1954.

List of Elections Data