KONDA Barometer


Konda Barometer is a series of political and social researches that we have been doing regularly every month since March 2010.

The researches carried out on representing all of Turkey aim to measure the trends and preferences of the people in political and social issues.

Through the KONDA Barometer, not only the preferences of the people in a certain period, but also the change of their preferences over time and conditions are measured.

KONDA Barometer reports consist of the results of the research conducted that month, comparisons with the data of other institutions with past periods and evaluation of this information.

Research reports created as a result of 11 field surveys per year can only be read and used by subscribers. Institutions or individuals involved in the KONDA Barometer subscription system can add questions to a specific research.

Assignment and training: A field team consisting of provincial officials, team chiefs, surveyors, controllers and data intruders is formed and each is trained.

11 monthly reports and one annual report (Turkish Demographics) are produced annually.

Quick fieldwork: The vast majority of field work begins and ends in a single weekend. Field work is completed as soon as possible, especially since events can develop rapidly in politics and society's views can change.


Every figure you read in the KONDA Barometer is the product of a robust, reliable and scientific study.

Konda Barometer continuously measures different social preferences as well as political rates. The aim is to provide realistic and impartial predictions by continuously following the structure of a volatile society.

Although konda barometer reports are based on statistical data of monthly survey studies, konda's accumulation of 33 years of social thought and analysis and interpretation capacity is also maintained.

After all, what has happened in Turkey for 10 years for Barometer subscribers has not come as a surprise. Thanks to the KONDA Barometer, subscribers have always known what society thinks, what it perceives and reacts to, and its possible concerns. And he will continue to know...


Selections from previous reports: KONDA Barometer Sample Report 2017

Example and Field: In the first week of each month, we deliver the reports of our field studies to subscribers at the end of the month with face-to-face interviews with between 1800 and 3600 people representing all voters in Turkey.

Themes: Every month, themes aimed at understanding society and the political environment are examined in every aspect. Themes focus on many different areas such as understanding of law and justice, internet and social media use, refugee gaze, foreign policy, happiness, sadness, depression, public safety, problem solving, drink consumption, dealing with uncertainty, looking at the other, trust. We often work with academicians or experts for our themes and base field work and report on the conceptual framework in which they draw.

You can find the theme reports we publish in the Reports section.

Indices: The barometer series follows social trends through three indices.

  • Morale Index
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Polarization Index

Agenda Barometer: Follows social politics and current developments from the media. However, polarization and political encampment have also attracted media groups to the corners. As a result, it became almost impossible to have an impartial opinion of what was happening by following a single newspaper or newsletter. In our Agenda Barometer section, which we added to our reports at the beginning of 2014, we conduct a wide-ranging media scan and compile and summarize with KONDA impartiality.

Political Preferences: Every month we regularly measure party preferences in a possible election, voter behavior, beliefs in the capacity of parties to solve the country's problems, and discuss the possible causes of month-to-month changes.

Current Politics: From political statements to protests, foreign policy developments to refugees, we measure how society reacts to current events that have become an agenda in the country and try to reveal the social dynamics that shape these reactions.


Subscription agreements are made annually.

Each Barometer report is prepared on the last day of the month and the English translation is prepared within 3 weeks of the report delivery and sent to the requesting subscribers.

For more detailed information about konda barometer subscription, you can review the report example and contact us if you wish.

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