KONDA Media Report

How has the approach to news media, trust in the media, approach to the television and internet changed between the years 2008-2018? Conducted on 31 March-1 April 2018 by interviewing 5793 people in 36 provinces of Turkey, The Lifestyles research measures people’s lifestyles, values and ideas about different issues and provides us with valuable data on media usage habits, relations with technology, trust and mistrust towards the news media across Turkey. The findings of other research conducted by KONDA in August 2008, January 2011, April 2014, February 2015, April 2016, January 2018 and April 2018 further enrich and stratify the ten-year media comparison.

The first part of this study consists of a 10-year track of the media usage of Turkey between the years 2008-2018, benefiting from the findings of various surveys. The second part is an analysis using the Cultivation Theory, which is a theory of mass communication, on whether the intensive use of television in Turkey has a place in the evolution of the perception of the masses.

The Life-Styles Survey is the most-debated, most commonly referenced survey of KONDA, both in the press and in academia. The survey was modelled on perceptions, fears, expectations, political preferences, values, demographic characteristics and daily life-practices.