About us

KONDA is an organization that produces information in the most basic way as a research and consulting company and makes sense of this information with its interpretations for the need.

KONDA Research and Consultancy Company, founded by Tarhan Erdem in 1986, seeks to understand, explain and thus make understandable the society in Turkey through research.

He observes the changing dynamics of society and analyzes these changes. It not only assesses the existing situation, but also predicts which way the social waves will move. KONDA's analyses and predictions contribute to determining the strategies of institutions of all sizes, private or public, and putting them on a social basis.

Reports consisting of surveys and information and comments that emerge as a result of konda's survey and different field studies targeting social representation serve as guides within unpredictable community movements.

Having conducted face-to-face surveys with more than one million people since its establishment, KONDA can be described as the organization with the deepest knowledge and experience on the genetic codes of Turkish society.

KONDA society doesn't just see through the political window. Especially in recent years, it has been cooperating with international institutions in many projects based on sociology and psychology.

KONDA will continue to be the primary source of information for all individuals and institutions that want to understand Turkey, its inhabitants and what is happening in this land.