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KONDA Barometer is a monthly research series with a subscription system launched in 2010.

Every month, KONDA conducts a field survey representing the population aged 15 and above in Turkey. In this survey, at least 2700 households are visited and face-to-face interviews are conducted with individuals.

The survey covers a different social theme each month and covers topics such as demographic data, political preferences, reactions to current events, people's economic situation and leader evaluations. In addition, social perception on that topic is also measured with themes determined each month, such as the perception of the economic crisis and the mood of the society. Its extensive accumulation of long-term measurements makes KONDA Barometer an important reference for observing and analyzing social changes over time.

KONDA Barometer has produced comprehensive reports covering more than 150 different social themes over the past 15 years and continues to be the only source in the country for perceiving social trends.


At the beginning of each month, the data of the fieldwork is analyzed and a report is prepared with comments. For example, you can review the KONDA November'22 Barometer report, our 136th issue, here.


This data will be available for review in an interactive portal available to subscribers. Click here for a sample interactive report.


In addition, the live narration of each report is shared with members in a webinar format. Click here for Sample Webinar.

All these services are accessible only to subscriber institutions and their designated users.


Brochure | Report | Interactive | Webinar

KONDA Barometer presents not only the current month's data, but also 13 years of social trends from a long-term perspective. This broad perspective of the KONDA Barometer enables us to closely examine not only temporary trends, but also changes over time, making it a reliable and comprehensive source for understanding the collective mind and behavior of the country.

Each month, KONDA Barometer focuses on a different topic and reveals the opinions of the society from a wide range of perspectives. Current and important issues related to society are covered in detail in the Barometer reports. The most striking feature of the Barometer is its ability to track the changes in many social parameters over time, which provides a unique perspective for understanding developments in society.

KONDA Barometer emphasizes that the collective mind and behavior of the society play a critical role in determining the future of a country.

KONDA Barometer is still the only product in the country that allows us to make assumptions based on common sense and real information about what has happened in this country so far and what might happen in the future, and to determine positions based on these assumptions.


Brochure | Report | Interactive | Webinar

KONDA Barometer subscriptions are organized annually and the same content is provided to each subscriber. No survey is conducted and no report is sent for one month in a year. In total, 11 reports are sent and different interactive executive summaries and webinars are created for each report. Reports are published on the last working day of the month and supported by a closed-loop webinar no later than one week later. English reports are prepared within two weeks of the first report submission and are sent to subscribers upon request.

The contents of KONDA Barometer are protected by bilateral confidentiality agreements between subscribers and KONDA. No data or content can be shared with third parties or the public for one year.

The barometer subscription fee includes 5 users. In addition to the printed report, these five people receive a customized digital (pdf) report. In addition, these 5 people are given access to the interactive portal and webinar. requests for more than 5 users and the report in English are subject to additional charges.

Contracts are prepared according to the requests of our subscribers and signed for a minimum period of 11 months (one year). The invoice for that month is sent to subscribers with the report submission of each month. Please contact us to discuss different payment plans.

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